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For Music

NameStem NameDescription
InstrumentalinstrumentalMusic without vocals, only instruments
DrumsdrumsPercussion instruments producing rhythmic beats
VocalsvocalsIsolates singing and vocal sounds
BassbassInstruments producing low-frequency sounds, typically the bass guitar or synthesizer bass lines
OtherotherRemaining instrumentation after removing vocals, drums, and bass
GuitarguitarInstruments from the guitar family, including electric, acoustic, and classical guitars
Other-x-Guitarother-x-guitarRemaining instrumentation after removing vocals, drums, bass, and guitar
PianopianoInstruments like Rhodes piano, upright piano, grand piano, and keyboard
WindwindInstruments like flute, saxophone, producing sound by vibrating air

For Dubbing/Film and Captioning/Transcription

NameStem NameDescription
MusicmusicGeneral music audio, including instruments and melodies
DialoguedialogueSpoken conversation or interaction between characters
TranscriptiontranscriptionText representation of spoken words or audio content
AlignmentalignmentSynchronization of audio and corresponding text or captions
Music removalmusic_removalRemoving music from audio while maintaining synchronization
Background (Music & FX)music_fxBackground audio and sound effects synchronized with text or captions


In the provided cURL command, the "name" field in the JSON payload specifies the desired stem type for processing the audio file. It allows you to indicate what specific part of the audio you want to extract or process.

curl -L -X POST '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
--data-raw '{
"metadata": {
"format": "wav",
"name": "vocals"
"callbackUrl": "",
"assetId": "abc123"