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Welcome to the AudioShake Stem Generator API documentation! AudioShake is a cutting-edge audio technology company that specializes in producing high-quality audio separation and extraction.

Our Groovy Stem Generator API is a powerful tool that allows developers to generate stems from existing music tracks in a quick and efficient manner. Stems are essential components of modern music production, enabling users to separate different parts of a song, such as vocals, drums, and bass, for more precise editing and mixing.

With the AudioShake Groovy Stem Generator API, you can easily extract stems from your music tracks and integrate them into your own applications, providing your users with a more immersive and interactive music experience. This documentation will guide you through the process of using our Stem Generator API, providing you with all the necessary information to get started.


To access our services, you'll need to authenticate your requests using a unique API token. API tokens serve as a secure way to verify your identity and permissions when interacting with our services. To obtain an API token, simply request one through our platform. Once you have your token, include it in the headers of your API requests. This authentication method ensures the security of your data and allows you to seamlessly integrate our services into your applications.

Please follow along in our Authentication section. If you would like an API token contact us at

File Upload

Prior to initiating a job request for stem generation, it's essential to first upload the file(s) you intend to use for stem creation. To accomplish this, utilize the following /upload endpoints, which support multipart/form-data requests. Upon successful upload, you will receive asset IDs that you'll subsequently employ in the next stage of the process. Follow along here.