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An asset is the representation of either a separation response object or a source file. Asset objects are returned for any actions dealing with the separation/transcription/alignment service.


Here's an example of what an asset payload can look like. Note that the following example is missing a client id.

name: "COOKIN-EUROPA_Drum.mp3",
id: "clksrfev21879f1ofh6v1daag",
fileType: "audio/mpeg",
format: "mp3",
link: "<LINK TO FILE>"


idstringnocuid1234The unique id of the Asset, following the cuid format.
namestringnoMySong.wavThe name of the asset.
formatstringnowav, mp3, flacDescribes the file format for the asset file.
linkstringyeshttps://link/to/fileA temporary link for downloading the asset. (Optional)
fileTypestringnoaudio/mpegMIME type of the asset file, used as a Content-Type header.
clientIdstringnocuid5678The id of the client associated with the asset object.